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We are very proud of our car specifications data but its always good to hear feedback from our customers as we look to constantly improve our products and services.

So whether you have just tried one of our MotorSpecs Reports or are a business user who is using our API, let us know what you think by commenting below…

“My MotorSpecs report looks great! Lots of detail. I really love the way I could edit the report and personalise lots of the information such as the Images, the optional extras, the mileage, the MOT report and the Service History.  A MotorSpecs report is not only something that a car nut like me will love but its also a great tool to help you sell your car!  I will be recommending it to friends. Nice work MotorSpecs.”

John B.

“I used MotorSpecs for the first time the other day and I’ve got to admit that it gave me a lot more information on the car than I was expecting. Its a great report for a really low price.”

Edward C.


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